Girl Defined: The Book

girl, have I got a resource for you

I “accidentally” ran across GirlDefined Ministries when I was doing research for a paper during my senior year of high school. One of their categories was relevant to my paper, and out of curiosity I clicked on their website. My world opened up to an amazing Christ-centered resource!

Bethany Beal and Kristen Clark, two sisters from Texas now in their early thirties, are women passionate about sharing and studying God’s design for womanhood. Through their own life experiences and questions, they sought out answers. They ate up Bible-based books to understand what exactly it means to be a woman defined by God. In 2014 they launched the GirlDefined blog, and released their book of the same name two years later.

With so many narratives in media, upbringing, culture, history, entertainment, etc., there’s a lot of confusion surrounding what it means to be a woman.

God’s plan for womanhood is rich, fulfilling, applicable, and incredibly beautiful. This book opened my eyes to see all that God has in store for us.

a few of the things you’ll read

3 Pillars of Counterfeit Femininity: These are the core definers of womanhood we see today that are leaving girls broken, confused, and dissatisfied

3 Pillars of Biblical Womanhood: These are the building blocks of God’s beautiful design for us that bring satisfaction, freedom, and purpose

Background on gender from the beginning of the Bible

Kristen & Bethany’s honesty, story-telling, & relatability

Real-life examples of women following Jesus in different seasons

Tips on supporting godly manhood by embracing biblical womanhood

How to live out true femininity: Guidance on seeking Christ in decision-making for relationships, college, career, ministry opportunities, etc.

The challenge to have a legacy that matters: True stories of women with impactful lives

stay-at-home read, anyone?

Right now, most of us have a lot of extra free time, and reading is an informative, distracting, and positive outlet during this crazy time.

I hope you’ll check out GirlDefined. Kristen and Bethany help us to see the absolutely incredible design for womanhood that we long to experience and understand! It’s easy to read, honest, and down to earth. It’s changed my life, and I know it can impact yours, too.

(P.S. It’s also available in audiobook and eBook formats!)

You can check out their ministry at



One thought on “Girl Defined: The Book

  1. Though I have this book for about 1 or 2 years on my Kindle, I have not read it yet. Shame on me! But I am very proud and amazed about what these girls have done through God’s grace.

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