God’s Word is the ultimate source of truth and should always be the determiner of what we measure to be true. It’s always important to compare what we learn to the Bible to make sure we are absorbing truth.

I’m always looking for more ministries and blogs that are devoted to pointing people to Jesus, and basing their outreach and teachings on the Bible (not opinion or trends). I’ve listed a few below. They have been very impactful in my walk with the Lord.

websites & blogs

GirlDefined Ministries

These sisters from Texas are wonderful mentors to encourage girls and women to discover and pursue godly womanhood and femininity in Christ. They have written three books so far (Girl Defined, Love Defined, and Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart) which are awesome, biblical resources.

Desiring God

Desiring God is daily full of solid, in depth, theological articles and studies, led by Pastor John Piper. I love that there is a resource that I can turn to for context and conviction that is at my fingertips with categories galore!


  • Girl Defined (by Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal)
  • Love Defined (by Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal)
  • Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart (by Kristen Clark & Bethany Beal)*
  • Passion and Purity (by Elisabeth Elliot)
  • Let Me Be a Woman (by Elisabeth Elliot)
  • Don’t Waste Your Life (by John Piper)
  • Love Riot (by Sara Barratt)
  • Do Hard Things (by Alex and Brett Harris)
  • Kisses from Katie (by Katie Davis Majors)
  • Daring to Hope (by Katie Davis Majors)*
  • This Changes Everything (by Jacquelle Crowe)
  • Desiring God by John Piper*


“Every Woman Needs the Whole Bible” (by Rachel Jankovic)

“Women, Trade Self-Worth for Awe and Wonder” (by Jen Wilkin)


  • The American Gospel: Christ Alone
  • The American Gospel: Christ Crucified


  • October Baby
  • The Case for Christ
  • Facing the Giants
  • War Room
  • Courageous
  • Overcomer


The GirlDefined YouTube channel often posts two or more videos a week, such as vlogs, make up tutorials, life hacks, car conversations, live streams, and more.


For the Gospel with Costi Hinn

Ask Pastor John with John Piper

The Alisa Childers Podcast with Alisa Childers

*currently reading